Sunday, 25 May 2014

“The Mystical Forest" displays its soul through the language of dance

Displaying 1Z9A0432.JPGThe Indian Council for Cultural Relations presented, “The Mystical Forest “a contemporary dance production based on Mayurbhanj Chhau on 20th May 2014, at Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, Delhi. The production was by Sadhya-a unit of performing arts and was choreographed by Mr.Santosh Nair. This act was a collaborative effort by Indian & International artistes (Carolina Prada from Columbia & Gaura Prema from USA)
The Mystical Forest” explores the soul within the forest as its inhabitant. This act availed the vocabulary of dance of Mayurbhanj Chhau with strong tribal influences and grounded movements with contemporary interpretation. Through this act the artists portrayed varied experiences, emotions, rituals & celebrations of the inhabitants and their life within the forest.
Mayurbhanj, originally a tribal dance, came from the forests of Mayurbhanj. And this production, presented by Sadhya Dance Company, was an attempt to bring forth the raw & simple life of the people living in the forest in an innovative way through its music, vibrant choreography, expressive movements, lights & costumes.
Mr.Santosh Nair, Artistic Director-Sadhya Dance Company, a renowned contemporary dancer, and the name behind Sadhya, is the choreographer of this act. He has worked towards promoting the passion of dance and providing a platform to the upcoming talents.
Under his guidance, this production travels from the divinity that they may be experiencing their various daily activities, to the playfulness, the hunting, the rituals & traditions that they believe in & to the relationships that they would be having. In a nutshell it defines their day from dawn to dusk. In a subtle way this act also showcased their sensitivity to the outside world, which they are not familiar with and are very apprehensive about.
Mr.Santosh Nair, says, "This production, without being outright, leaves an impact on the viewers and force them to think that why can't these inhabitants of the forest live their as it is. Why can't they live with their simplicity, innocence, and survive with their natural habitat. We want the people to realise that Let no one disturb this natural existence and allow the inhabitants to live in their own world."
The act has been scripted by Ms.Nalini Sharma, Choreographed by Mr.Santosh Nair, Music Composed by Upmanyu Bhanot, Light Design by Gyandev Singh, Costume Design: Alpana & Neeraj

Credits: Artists-
Mayurbhanj Chhau: Mr.Santosh Nair & team from Sadhya- Carolina Prada and Gaura Prema from USA

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