Sunday, 15 February 2015

Spain holds Indian eves for a goalless draw in the first match of Valencia Test Series

 Spain, 15 February 2015In the first match of Valencia Test Series being played between Indian eves and Spain, both the teams failed to open their scoring accounts as the match ended in a goalless draw. The series is in preparation for the FIH World League Round 2, to be held in New Delhi from 07 - 15 March, 2015. The opening game of the series was also the debut match for Punam Barla and Renuka Yadav of India.
Opening the game on high, Indian women put in all efforts to find gaps in opponent’s defence and score for their side. On the other hand, eves from Spain had a strong defence as their strikers attacked on the goal post with an intention to score and give their team a lead. In its endeavor to score Indian women had a couple of good scoring chances, both being field goal opportunities, but failed to convert them.
The Indian women with their strong defence and coordination, ensured that all efforts to score by Spain were cleared and they had no opportunity to beat the Indian goalie and reach the nets.
With either of the team unable to score a goal, the game ended in a draw with a final score of 0-0.
The next game of the series will be played on 16 February 2015.

Ferns N Petals Introduces Love Express- A Paradise On Wheels!

Displaying FNP Love Express.jpgNew Delhi, 11th February’15: This Valentine season, Ferns N Petals in association with Select CITYWALK introduces Love Express, an installation of a vintage coach embodying soulful journey of love. The Love Express conceptualized by world’s largest floral chain Ferns N Petals is a beautiful display of emotions on wheels. Skillfully created by experts the Love Express will offer a mesmerizing ambience and pleasant experience to the patrons at the mall. All love struck passengers can enjoy the paradise on wheels to celebrate Valentine from 9th to 13th February at Central Atrium, Select CITYWALK Saket.

Few journeys are fascinating and has all the ingredients for some vintage romance. Shoppers at the mall can capture and create some beautiful memories with Ferns N Petals Love Express and escape to a different time. To add to the experience Ferns N Petals also offers unique gifts and arrangements for people to buy exclusive gifts at Select CITYWALK.

Speaking on the occasion Ms Meeta Gutgutia, Director & Creative Head, Ferns N Petals says, "Love is an enriching journey of beautiful memories created over a period of time. The journey becomes all the more exceptional with deep emotions which makes the moments extraordinary. Ferns N Petals Love express is a unique installation to enliven the magical feeling of love into the hearts of love struck couples. It is an attempt to give memorable experience to our customers looking forward to breathe into the delightful reverie this Valentine.”

Valentine is a great occasion to give expression to one's love. Ferns N Petals installation is an ideal opportunity for patrons to take their loveful travel to a new destination with the Love Express. The time can be made all the more special with exclusively curated gifts for the occasion from Ferns N Petals at the mall.

Its India again!! Defeated Pakistan by 76 run

Cricket World Cup 2015 on CNN-IBN & IBN7

CNN IBN & IBN7 present the Most Comprehensive Coverage on ICC World Cup 2015

New Delhi, 13th February 2015: The countdown has begun for the biggest tournament in the universe – ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Defending champions, India, is expected to draw the maximum eyeballs as close to 105 million viewers, make it the most-watched sports event on Indian television. CNN-IBN & IBN7, continuing with their rich legacy of presenting the most extensive coverage of major sporting events across the globe, bring forth an elaborate programming line-up for the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

“Kings of Cricket” on CNN-IBN &“Superhit Muqabla” on IBN7 will bring all the latest updates, analysis and insights on every match. The channels will have daily preview & review shows. With almost 100+ shows on both CNN-IBN & IBN7, the channels will also bring to its viewers voice and opinions of some of the finest cricket experts - Krish Srikkanth, Anil Kumble, Kiran More, Zaheer Abbas & Ricky Ponting to give a detailed view on the performances of the teams. Combined with a team of experienced reporters and renowned cricket experts on the panel, the shows will provide an unmatched and most comprehensive analysis right through the tournament.

Don’t miss ‘Kings of Cricket’ on CNN-IBN, starting Tomorrow @7.30 pm & 11.30 pm and ‘Superhit Muqabla’ on IBN7, starting tomorrow @8.30 am, with consecutive telecasts @4.30 pm & 6.30 pm.

Atul Sabharwal’s is back with a documentary “In Their Shoes”

  • After a remarkable debut with Yash Raj Fims, Aurangzeb’s director Atul Sabharwal’s is back with a documentary “In Their Shoes”
  •  The film is set to release on March 13 through PVR Director’s rare in five metros

Displaying Poster of the documentary In Their Shoes.jpeg

Mumbai, February 15, 2015After making a debut with Yash Raj films as a writer-director of the acclaimed Hindi feature Aurangzeb, and TV series, Powder, Atul Sabharwal is now coming out with an independent documentary “In Their Shoes”.

Centered on the Shoe industry in Agra and the people who are engaged in it, this feature length documentary is set to release on March 13th through PVR Director’s Rare and Long Live Cinema  in five cities viz. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Agra and Pune.

Interestingly, this film is one of its kind where the filmmaker is not only associated as a producer-director with the project but also features in it as a son as he quenches his personal quest to go deep and learn about the legacy of his old family business i.e. Shoe trade.

Reminiscing a personal experience, Atul tells, “Back in 2010 I saw my father standing in a Woodland showroom in Agra, looking at a certain item on the shelf and muttering, "so much has changed". At that time, I did not know what had 'changed' though bulk trading in shoe material has always been my family business. Hence, I decided to document what 'used to be' and what had 'changed' and the result is this film.”

With a runtime of 92 minutes, this film navigates through the narrow alleys, crowded slums and giant export houses of the historic city of Agra, India, exploring certain answers through the interviews of footwear artisans, traders, manufacturers, exporters and government officials. Through their voices this film pieces together the tale of the industry and the men who built it and sailed it through or got sunk with the global events like India-Pakistan Partition, rise of the USSR, Solidarnosc movement of Poland, the collapse of Berlin Wall, opening of trade economies.

“I always had that urge to tell the story of shoe industry in Agra since I have been born and brought up there. In a way, this film completes a trilogy of sorts for me because all my work so far has been about a specific city and the trade that happens there.” says filmmaker Atul Sabharwal.

Referring to his earlier work, Atul adds,” Powder was about the trade of contraband/narcotics in Mumbai while Aurangzeb was set against land trade in Gurgaon. Now this documentary also is the story of a key industry i.e. shoe trade within the city of Agra. Besides, it is interesting for me that all my three projects are in different medium from each other - a TV show, a studio feature film and a documentary.” 

Shot by Ansar Shah and edited by Parmananad Kumar, this film allows the filmmaker to unravel the history of the footwear industry in Agra, and discovers how the global events of his growing up years impacted his relationship with his father.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

“The Mystical Forest" displays its soul through the language of dance

Displaying 1Z9A0432.JPGThe Indian Council for Cultural Relations presented, “The Mystical Forest “a contemporary dance production based on Mayurbhanj Chhau on 20th May 2014, at Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, Delhi. The production was by Sadhya-a unit of performing arts and was choreographed by Mr.Santosh Nair. This act was a collaborative effort by Indian & International artistes (Carolina Prada from Columbia & Gaura Prema from USA)
The Mystical Forest” explores the soul within the forest as its inhabitant. This act availed the vocabulary of dance of Mayurbhanj Chhau with strong tribal influences and grounded movements with contemporary interpretation. Through this act the artists portrayed varied experiences, emotions, rituals & celebrations of the inhabitants and their life within the forest.
Mayurbhanj, originally a tribal dance, came from the forests of Mayurbhanj. And this production, presented by Sadhya Dance Company, was an attempt to bring forth the raw & simple life of the people living in the forest in an innovative way through its music, vibrant choreography, expressive movements, lights & costumes.
Mr.Santosh Nair, Artistic Director-Sadhya Dance Company, a renowned contemporary dancer, and the name behind Sadhya, is the choreographer of this act. He has worked towards promoting the passion of dance and providing a platform to the upcoming talents.
Under his guidance, this production travels from the divinity that they may be experiencing their various daily activities, to the playfulness, the hunting, the rituals & traditions that they believe in & to the relationships that they would be having. In a nutshell it defines their day from dawn to dusk. In a subtle way this act also showcased their sensitivity to the outside world, which they are not familiar with and are very apprehensive about.
Mr.Santosh Nair, says, "This production, without being outright, leaves an impact on the viewers and force them to think that why can't these inhabitants of the forest live their as it is. Why can't they live with their simplicity, innocence, and survive with their natural habitat. We want the people to realise that Let no one disturb this natural existence and allow the inhabitants to live in their own world."
The act has been scripted by Ms.Nalini Sharma, Choreographed by Mr.Santosh Nair, Music Composed by Upmanyu Bhanot, Light Design by Gyandev Singh, Costume Design: Alpana & Neeraj

Credits: Artists-
Mayurbhanj Chhau: Mr.Santosh Nair & team from Sadhya- Carolina Prada and Gaura Prema from USA

Business Excellence Convenes the 2nd Edition of “Global High on Cloud Summit” on May 28th -29th at Mumbai

  • Supported and Endorsed by Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, National e-Governance Plan and Small & Business Development Chamber of India.

Mumbai, May 25, 2014: IT stalwarts from across industries who recognise the Power of Cloud Computing, are gearing to get convened with the latest industry trends at the 2nd Edition of the “Global High on Cloud” Summit, being organised by Business Excellence, in Mumbai on the 28th and 29th May, 2014.
This invigorating conference program will explore, evaluate and highlight the compelling needs of businesses to migrate on to the cloud platforms. CIOs, CTOs, Communications professionals, Networking specialists, Business Managers and Developers from across BFSI, Infrastructure Companies, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, FMCG, Manufacturing, Automobiles, IT would participate at the Summit.

Looking into the demand of next level computing among the industry peers and the buzz of cloud computing, we were bound to create a platform that promotes cloud technology. Since this technology promises enhanced computing capabilities with minimal resource utilization, industry stewards are readily looking towards implementing cloud as a tool to increase efficiency. We, at BE Summits are working towards creating a platform which is one its kind and will benefit our partners in having newer ways of adapting new technologies and doing better businesses.” says Abner Oswin Francis, CEO of BE Summits.

Summit Highlights -
·  Discover- The market trends & implementation guidelines.
· Security Concerns - Performance stats on the application, Unified ontology of Cloud Computing, Cloud Scalability, Controls & compliance.
·  Big Data Cloud Computing- Big Data is a relatively new phenomenon. As with any new adoption, the adoption of big data depends on the tangible benefits it provides to Business.​
·   Mobile Cloud Computing- The analysis of the impact of mobile computing on the various services, Mobile cloud computing gives new company chances for mobile network providers.

The Summit is also supported by Vision Solutions, Actian, Seagate, Softlayer, Shivaami Corporation, Attune, Deflytics. Expecting speakers and attendees from Cyber Law Consulting, Hero Motocorp Ltd, Hewlett Packard, Forbes Marshal Group of Companies, BSE India, Softlayer, an IBM Company, Attune Technologies, Reliance Capital Consumer Finance, Mumbai International Airport, OTIS Elevator Company Ltd, ICICI.

With this perspective, BE Summits ensures a quality knowledge sharing forum along with an appropriate essence of business opportunities to benefit a competitive organization. Drawing participation from technology pioneers, this forum is the most talked about event of 2014 which is based on implications & application of cloud technology.
 About BE Su