Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Displaying Marsun Noble Drawer Runner.jpgA well-stocked kitchen will undoubtedly have an assortment of cookware and bake ware ideally suited for a well-organized storage system. The usual method of stacking pots and pans together results in a clanking jumble of cookware, a tangle of handles and missing lids. MARSUN provides a multitude of specialized storage options for pots, pans and bake ware, from convenient deep drawers with integrated lid storage partitions, to specialized pull-outs for your entire cookware collection.

An ingenious mechanism which provides utilitarian storage by stacking kitchen utensils in smart and organized way. These storage units transform your kitchen into an efficient workspace that optimized and organizes every valuable inch of your kitchen storage so that you can have a delightful kitchen experience.

Noble Drawer Runner Rates:
1.      Heavy Duty Drawer Runner (500mm) 50KG Silver/ White  -  Rs.2,800/-
2.      Noble Drawer Runner (500mm) 30KG Stainless Steel  -  Rs.3,775/-
3.      Noble Drawer Runner (500mm) 30KG Silver/ White  -  Rs.2,645/-
4.      Noble Drawer Runner (450mm) 30KG Silver  -  Rs.2,500/-
5.      Noble Drawer Runner (400mm) 30KG Silver  -  Rs.2,420/-
6.      Noble Drawer Runner (350mm) 30KG Silver  -  Rs.2,300/-