Wednesday, 7 May 2014

CareerVita revolutionizes hiring process in the industry

  • Firstsource leverages the company’s technology enabled recruitment solution

Bangalore, May 7, 2014: CareerVita, a Bangalore based start-up firm is all set to revolutionize the hiring process with the launch of its first-of-its-kind comprehensive Cloud based Virtual Interview Platform – CV360.

CV360 is a platform which aims to connect job seekers with their hiring managers through video profiles thereby eliminating the sole dependence on paper-based resumes and assessments. The current recruitment process involves number of steps, is a time consuming procedure and a costly affair for both the organization and candidates. CareerVita was launched to curtail the challenges faced by both candidates and the corporates during the recruitment process.

CV360 allows the recruiter to take the sessions from anywhere and at any time, saving the costs for organizations. The platform also has record, store and play back option to overcome fake interviews, elimination of travel costs incurred by the candidates, improvised video & audio quality at lower bandwidths for optimal quality with the interviews being recorded, stored and retrieved.

Keeping in mind the magnitude of the industry, it is difficult for a single company to address the mass. Thus we partner with other companies who are within the domain of staffing and consultancy and also reach out to all the verticals of the potential market. This helps us to create a competitive and aggressive differentiation and penetrate into the wide spread market space. We are looking at various industries in IT – BPO, manufacturing, government, insurance, retail, banking/finance, assessment companies, telecom, etc. in our company road-map” , said Girish Baliga, Founder & CEO, CareerVita India Pvt Ltd.

Firstsource has partnered with CareerVita to use the CV 360 platform in their recruitment process. The platform has enabled Firstsource to widen the search and reach out to Talent who otherwise would find it difficult to walk into a Firstsource Recruitment Center. Additionally this platform also helps maintain a record of interviews being conducted for training & quality purposes.

Firstsource has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovations in Recruitment. We are happy to be the first to adopt this innovative way to speed up the hiring process. With the use of the CV360 application, we have expanded our reach across cities India. A candidate can walk-into any of our partner locations and get interviewed virtually in real time. This will help us hire faster, in a more efficient and productive manner. The unique part about this solution is that it provides an audit trail, when one needs to look back at any of the interviews. .” said Mr. Amar Salvi, Vice President - HR, Firstsource

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