Thursday, 24 April 2014

WORLD DANCE DAY 2014 – A celebration of dance

Displaying DSC_0241.JPGWorld Dance Day, an initiation by Mr.Santosh Nair (Sadhya’s Artistic Director), is an impeccable event. This programme enters its 4th year and takes a step further celebrating the occasion in association with India’s National Academy for Music, Dance & Drama – Sangeet Natak Akademi and India Habitat Centre. This event brings together established and upcoming talents, Gurus and students on the same platform to celebrate the art of dance.

Started in the year 2011, World Dance Day presents a diverse blend of traditional, classical and contemporary dance forms. Every year this event gets bigger and witness interesting genres of dance and has been applauded with success. This year the programme enters its 4th year and takes a step further and has divided the event into two segments and shall be performed at two different venues on two different dates.

This year more than 100 artiste are performing various dance forms. The audience will witness the extravagant performance in solos, duets and trios in different genres of dance. Few of the artists who are going to be a part of this celebration are

Date: 27th April, 2014 (Sunday)
Venue: Meghdoot Theatre3, Sangeet Natak Akademi
Time: 4:30 onwards

Displaying DSC_0546.jpgIn Solo:  Sanjib Bhattacharya: Manipuri, disciple of Guru Bipin Singh, Dakshina Vaidyanathan: Bharatanatyam, disciple Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan, Vrinda Chadha: Odissi, disciple of Guru Ranjana Gauhar, Neha Sharma: Contemporary, disciple of Santosh Nair, Swati Sinha : Kathak, disciple of Guru Rajendra Gangani, Rishi Sharma: Contemporary, disciple of Santosh Nair, Carolna Prada: Mayurbhanj Chhau, disciple of Guru Janme Joy Sai Babu,  Bhavini Misra: Contemporary, Urshila Dance Company, Govind Mahato: Sarikela Chhau, disciple of Shashadhar Acharya.

In Duets/trios: Odissi-by Guru Ranjana Gauhar’s students, Kathak by disciples of Guru Rajendra Gangani-Piyush Chauhan & Preeti Sharma, Contemporary: disciple of Santosh Nair,-Nanda Kumar, Bharatanatyam: by disciples of Guru Jayalakshmi Eshwar, Contemporary: Asamanjas: disciples of Santosh Nair, Saraikela Chhau: disciples of Shashadhar Acharya-Shagun Bhutani, Shubham Acharya, Contemporary: disciples of Santosh Nair-Sudhir Kumar & Himesh Parcha, Mohiniyattam-disciples of Guru Jayprabha Menon, Contemporary: Bhavini Misra, Urshila Dance Company, Vishnupriya Mara: Kathakali, disciple of Guru Evoor Rajendran Pillai

Date: 29th April, 2014 (Tuesday)
Venue: Plaza Steps, India Habitat Centre
Time: 7:30 pm onwards

In Group: Manipuri: Sanjib Bhattacharya & Group, Odissi: disciples of Guru Ranjana Gauhar, Contemporary: Bhavini Misra-Urshila Dance company, Bharatanatyam: disciples of Guru Saroja Vidyanathan, Mayurbhanj Chhau: Santosh Nair: Sadhya, Hip Hop: Charlie, Popinticko & Sandeep, Puppetry & dance: Vikram Mohan, Belly Dance: Mehar Malik, Kathak: disciples of Rani Khanam, Contemporary: Yuko Harada, Contemporary: Sadhya, Contemporary: Delhi Dance Theatre, Jazz, Ballet & Contemporary: Danceworx, Jazz  & MJ: Gaurav & Amit