Saturday, 25 January 2014

Five Blunders of AAM ADMI PARTY

Five Blunders of AAM ADMI PARTY

Number five has not much significance in count. But here we use this number as a reminder for the common man’s party. Public had faith in them, now it in loosing mode. During Assembly election most of the voters in Delhi said “AAP wale pade likhe hai”. That means AAP leaders as well as candidates are educated. As per party’s claim, they represent common man; but common man expect at least a minimum level of common sense. Here we discus the situations when AAP lost its political common sense.

  • Arivind Kejriwal Became the CM: If he is out of the CM seat, party should have a face and voice to protest on street for the party government. When he, himself went on strike against the Centre, it became illeagal and unconstitutional. He forgot, he is the CM of the state.

  • Giving seat to Vinod Kumar Binny: Binny history shows he is a man in greed of power and position. If AAP claim about their selection process is right, then Binny wont be a AAP candidate for the election. After allow Binny to contest from Laxmi Nagar, AAP proved their selection process was only a claim, not a truth. He showed his real colour after the election.

  • Justifying Law Minister Somnath Bharati: What Bharati did was absolutely wrong and unjustifiable. As a minister of he can use his office to conduct the raid and rest of the things. But, he himself went on a night ride, that became a nightmare for the party as well as government. If he got a complaint regarding drug and prostitution racket, he could instruct his secretary to act on his behalf. Here, he taken law in his hand, forgot he is the Law Minister of the state.

  • AAP never think: AAP people claim they are think tankers. But in real they are not. During election they said on December 29th they pass Jan Lokayukta bill at Ram Leela. They didn’t even think about the procedures of law making. In his first speech as the CM of the State Kejriwal told to start Anti Corruption helpline in 2 day. He forgot to think 2 days is very short to set up a Anti Corruption Cell. He made that speech on a Saturday. Next day is Sunday, and till Monday noon his 2 days is over.

  • After taking support of Congress, and  protesting against Congress: Taking support of Congress is politically correct, morally wrong. Because they won 28 seats by securing the majority anti congress votes. To justify, AAP says we didn’t ask, Congress just extended support. After forming the government its politically wrong to protest against the supporter’s government, but its morally right.

As the political experts say AAP’s Honeymoon days is going to end. So people of Delhi want AAP to act like much mature bahu. Please live up to the minimum level of their expectations, and remember you are not in a BLUNDER LAND!

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