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An exchange, where the steepest fall cascades into the tallest transaction

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The Concept - Charlie’s Bar Exchange as a concept is symbolic of the most influential and all pervasive economic identity in today’s world – THE STOCK EXCHANGE. The idea was simple yet mind boggling; like in a stock market, where figures and numbers of various listed companies keep on tumbling, Charlie's Bar Exchange does the same with the choicest of brands in beers, vodkas, tequilas, cocktails and more. Charlie opens his bars with prices at rock bottom and then keeping the day and performance of the liquor in mind plays with it. Prices can go as low as the cost price of the items in the open market and even at the peak will generate value for its patrons. Adding to that, Charlie will have ‘Charlie's Zero hour’ at 12 pm and midnight when all drinks will roll out at cost price. Located in the heart of South Delhi at Salcon Ras Vilas Mall, Saket, this unique concept makes Charlie’s Bar Exchange the brand for all aspiring young people; a modern pub, aimed to satisfy the ‘value for money’ desire of the urban youth. This is a place where Drinking is Fun.
Charlie – The guy! - Charlie is a guy next door, who believes in working hard and partying harder. Just like any other young professional, he is full of life and keeps on searching for good deals to enjoy his leisure time to the fullest. Charlie’s hunt for 'value for money deals' ends @ Bar Exchange,a revolutionary and unprecedented concept in the pub culture of the capital.
This not only solved Charlie’s idea of having fun while chilling out with friends but also opened the gateways to heaven for all those who are Charlie in their own way.
The “Bar Exchange” completely mocks the stock exchange environment viz-a-viz its look and the way prices go up and down, thereby giving its patrons/buyers the best stocks/liquors to choose from . The prices will change in a random manner, where one has to always look out for the best offers.  One doesn't know what he/she is going to pay for his/her liked brand, but gets fantastic offers if they are willing to experiment with the liquor brands and only trust Charlie's judgments for the evening. 
There will be times when the Bar Exchange will come crashing down and the pricing of the choicest of brand swill hit rock bottom and on the other hand, when the PUB-SEX is going strong, you have to shell out a premium rate for your favorite brand.
The Look & Feel - The ambiance of the bar is of a modern Irish pub with a distinct wooden finish with Irish green and graffiti walls festooned by Charlie’s accessories all over. In between there are large screens that will keep displaying the exchange rates. 
With its ambiance/food and beverages targeted at the masses, the pricing is aimed to give value to its patrons. The place has loads of interactive activities/games/fun meets alcohol/offers with a twist with loads of contemporary music covering rock/retro and commercial. There will be special nights like Charlie wants to play (gaming nights would include multiple beer bong and beer flabongo); Charlie loves to sing (karaoke); Come on a date with Charlie (girls nights) etc.
A special feature of the entire activity section is the community table where-in people can dance and perform too with additional games like board games and server interactive games etc will keep you occupied throughout your time at the bar.
Charlie’s Poison -  Now let’s take a stroll towards what you are here for? The cocktail menu has a wide array of inviting and rejuvenating cocktails, mocktails and beverages that will enhance your bar experience. The variety is a perfect amalgam of the new world charm and the classics to keep patrons in a happy and high-spirited space. From Daiquiri to Caipirinha, from Cranakazi to Pina colada; from Bloody Mary to Long island Iced Tea, Pitchers of Sangria, LIIT and Daiquiris etc, will surely quench your thirst. Is this not enough? If no, then just place your order and they have it all: From numerous brands of whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, brandy, tequila, wines, champagne and breezers, all shall be served in Charlie’s unique mock stock style. Great offer prices for pints/pitchers/buckets/shots/shooters will surely tempt your thirst for more. Non-alcoholics will too find quenchers for themselves, like the Virgin Colana, Coolest cucumber and Charlie’s kiss and among others are shakes, smoothies, hot/cold coffee and beverages will refresh you.
Charlie’s Pub Grubs – Charlie is a foodie and therefore has launched a prolific menu, which is a synergy of mouth watering mix of American, Indian along with Continental & Mexican cuisines. The combo deals at Charlie’s reinstates his belief of serving wholesome portions at wholesale prices. Charlie’s delectable range of food menu has individuals’ plates offering BBQ tossed Chicken Wings, Blue cheese and BBQ Dips, Beer batter fried Prawns, Felafel with spicy Muhamara & freshness of Salad, Corn & Cheese Spring Rolls among others. Moving further, a prolific range of mouth-watering sandwiches, skillet burgers, pizzas, Charlie’s signature hot dogs, salads and pastas will kepp you asking for more.
For Big Bites, a wide array of dishes like Classic Bangers and Mash (mix of sausages, mash, gravy, onions prepared in mustard), Spinach & Ricotta stuffed Chicken Steak served with truffle oil pasta, Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie and many will surely tantalize your taste buds. And bid adieu to this fun, exciting and culinary sojourn with desserts like Mocha-chino Fudge cake, Between F.R.I.E.N.D.S etc, which will surely make Charlie your bestest new buddy.
The Creator(s) - Charlie, the Exchange Bar is conceptualized and developed by Neeren Tewari and Viraj Lamba, who have a vision to open at least 15-20 such Exchange(s) over the next three years across metro/Tier II cities. Both have an accomplished background in hospitality having started their careers at the entry level in the Industry. While Neeren started as a bartender and has since worked with big brands like Hyatt/Hard Rock Café/BlueFrog; Viraj has been spinning music, which he started from his college days in Canada and has a decade long experience in running places like V Sppot Cafe & Bar, Punjab Grill, etc. The technological savvy duo not only want people to watch the latest pricing on the screens at Charlie’s, but avail offers on the web and even over their mobile phones (An application/software is under process), they plan to have its presence in all major cities in the next one year. With a cover area of about 3000 sq ft and a cost effective and easily replicable model, Charlie ensures its fast expansion.
So whenever you are ready, come and bid in Charlie’s unique mock stock exchange for an enchanting drinking and meal experience. Spectacular cocktails served impeccably will leave you with a remarkable experience for sure.
Timings: 11:00 am - 12:00pm
VenueCharlie's bar exchange,G-02,Rasvillas Mall,Saket,New Delhi
Meal for 2:1200++ (excluding drinks)
Contact: 011-64250003

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