Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Golden shine therapy

Golden shine therapy is a treatment that combines heat and vibration of micro-current (low power electrical waves that are used to increase the production of collagen in skin) or known as Bio-electrical. Vibrations caused by micro-current to stimulate muscle function and remove wrinkles on the face.

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The heat released will stimulate cells and connective tissue skin and helps blood circulation which aims to make skin shining and look healthy. Able to deliver gold material with good heat.

Golden shine therapy will provide the very maximum if combined with Golden Facial that is therapy in which the facial skin patients cleared of make up and dust with a gold cleansing. After that, applied to the skin Tonner. The next stage is smeared and suppressed serum gold-press with a golden spoon in all parts of the face to maximize the absorption of nutrients in the serum into skin.

And giving a few sheets of 24 carat pure gold that has been treated with Nano technology embedded and absorbed into the skin instantly. Last stages of the gold mask of powder that is mixed with the concentrate of the many necessary vitamins skin.

Gold has a dynamic property which "activates cells and heightens the skin's power of resistance." It is used as the element on the Golden Spoons because it rarely causes allergies, unlike chromium or nickel, and also has an aseptic effect. To begin treatment, a thorough cleansing is recommended. Then, to stimulate flaccid, tired skin, the cold treatment is initiated. A few minutes after removing the cool spoon from the freezer, its layer of frost thaws, providing a gliding film of water. Throughout the cold application, the cool spoon contracts the blood vessels and pores, promoting good circulation, decreasing congestion, and relieving pain. The cool spoon is very useful after extraction, as it decreases redness and swelling.

One of the more important functions of Golden Shines is to make the skin susceptible to product penetration, and that's the job of the warm spoon. After its temperature is tested on the client's inner wrist and cream or lotion is applied to the face, the warm spoon creates an expansion of the blood vessels and pores, allowing products to deeply penetrate into the skin and achieve their optimum effect. The use of percussion also facilitates this process. A final application of the cool spoon rounds out the massage treatment protocol.

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