Monday, 14 April 2014

Tarot card reading for horoscope page for the month of May 2014

Displaying Poonam Sethi.jpg1)      ARIES: Business and finance will take first place and improve, ideas for self-promotion will begin to formulate, and (phone) orders or calls for work will increase. You’re going to acquire money through new or repeat business contacts, but will want to make more. You will be easily irritated, explosive or impatient, but that will change because a new vision or romantic opportunity will inspire more confidence or optimism. You will be watching your health or diet, but may be suffering from tension headaches or lower back aches. You could also begin a new treatment or exercise regime.
Lucky number: 3
Lucky color: Sea green
2)      TAURUS: You’ll begin a new enterprise, which will afford you the opportunity to work with or teach the public on a grander scale, and if you’ve been thinking about leaving your current job or taking a leave of absence, in time you will. A decision concerning your career and finances will be made soon, and if you have been expecting some money, it will arrive. You will have mixed emotions regarding another, who will want more than you’re ready to give or commit to. Part of you will want to enter the relationship with complete abandon, while another part will hold it at bay. You’ll feel as though you are not running at your peak ability. You may also speak with someone in the healing arts or visit a friend in the hospital.
Lucky number: 2
Lucky color: Green

3)      GEMINI: At this moment, you may feel that there is nothing you can do that will lift you out of the slump you’re in, but someone or something is going to come to your aid and brighten your spirits. Money will be slow in coming, and not as much as you hoped for, and you will have conflicts with others or worry about what you should do. However, there will be unexpected financial gains soon. “How do I handle this?” will be the issue concerning a romantic interest, and because you will meet it with a sense of responsibility for your actions, you will feel very good about yourself, whether your relationship has a future or not. You may experience choking sensations, backaches, or problems with your stomach, ears, or throat.
Lucky number: 6
Lucky color: Red

4)      CANCER: You will accomplish most of your goals and emerge into a new plateau of potentiality, yet you will know that this is only the first step of your enfoldment and there’s much more ahead to be achieved. You are going to receive some money for "work well done”, and have enough to spare for pleasurable pursuits, products, or gifts. An old flame or romantic interest will reenter your life, but you may still be strangers. There will be checkups, tests, or health-related problems on the horizon, but all will end well.
Lucky number: 4
Lucky color: Pink

5)      LEO: Results may be slow in coming, but you will hold your own, get a lot accomplished, and summon up enough energy to do what it takes to get the job done; and in some way, you’ll be recognized or rewarded for your efforts. Financial troubles will be handled effectively, or money that was held up, promised or expected will arrive and all debts will be paid. You will not be ready to commit to or become totally involved in a new relationship…this could be because of an emotional attachment to the past. Your energy will be dynamic, and if there should be a problem, you will have the strength to overcome it. No physical disability or handicap will keep you down.
Lucky number: 5
Lucky color: Black

6)      VIRGO: A business partner or associate will upset or irritate you. Steer clear…you can’t win anyway. At times you will feel very self-conscious and want to run and hide, but at other times you will meet issues head on. You will also be quick to anger and fly off the handle easily. Your income will come in chunks rather than in small, stretched out amounts, and you will do much better than you thought. You are going to be disappointed, as plans to unite with the one you want to see or be with will fail or be cancelled, at least for now. You will feel tense, anxious, or easily irritated and subject to muscle aches, neck or backaches, and general physical discomfort, and/or sex with your partner will be unrewarding.
Lucky number: 9
Lucky color: White

7)      LIBRA:  You are going to receive a positive sign or omen of what is to come. Some new information concerning your work or a “working product” will change your perspective and cause you to look at things in a much brighter light. You’ll begin to feel more secure as money starts to come in or free up. You are going to meet or be attracted to a very unusual or “striking” person who will be just as interested in you. A spiritual cleansing would be very good for you and if you have been ailing, you will soon experience better health. If contemplating a health profession, it should be very rewarding.
Lucky number: 8
Lucky color: Yellow

8)      SCORPIO: You will experience temporary blocks to your progress with nothing really going on, or you may be unemployed at the present time, but things will improve considerably and you’ll have more work than you can handle (or want). You are going to acquire money from more than one source. This could also indicate a tax refund or interest gained on an account. Your in-laws will be a burden you won’t want to deal with, or a separation in the family will cause unhappiness. You will be recuperating from an illness, injury, or infection and should slow down and take it easy. Also, if you’re seeing a doctor, you may have to switch to another.
Lucky number: 1
Lucky color: Blue

9)      SAGITTARIUS: You’ll succeed in work that’s done behind the scenes and in any self-help or self-discovery area, and your best success will come through your ability to take decisive action, solve problems, and get positive responses or assistance from others. You will want to get on with your work but will be feeling boxed in because some basic need or element must first be fulfilled. You’ll be grateful for money received from your work, and that you can afford to buy whatever you want or need (within reason, of course). You are going to receive a calm answer in an emotional storm, and get a call from an admirer. You’ll be very impressionable and may experience an emotional drain as a result. Problems with your feet, knees, or legs could also be indicated.
Lucky number: 7
Lucky color: Sky blue

10)  CAPRICORN: Activity in your work will be renewed. Expect a positive flow of creative, innovative, or inspired ideas and lots of praise or admiration. You will forge ahead in spite of money worries and will begin a new project (or two) that will supplement your income or defray some of your expenses. This could also indicate a pleasant financial surprise and a decision to buy something you couldn’t afford before. You are going to have a surprise call from an admirer, but not necessarily the one you want to hear from or are attracted to. You will be in excellent condition, mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Lucky number: 4
Lucky color: Purple

11)  AQUARIUS: There will be correspondence connected with your work that will involve mail, phone calls, or special application. Money matters will be in a state of “delicate” balance, but prospects look as if they’re improving, and you will enjoy spending money on others or doing for others, and may pick up someone’s tab… or he/she will pick up yours. “Emotion will rock the ocean” in a very unusual love affair. You will be subject to erratic eating or sleeping habits and/or sexual preferences. But if you’ve been ill, you will soon recover.
Lucky number: 2
Lucky color: Orange

12)  PISCES: You may have run up against unforeseen obstacles in the past, but you will soon find a better opportunity…something more aligned with what you want, or through a different source than that which was previously established. Someone will forget or neglect to pay or mail money that is owed you, but on the whole your financial position will be stable. Romance will enter your life, but the relationship wont get off the ground because you want an elevated love and will not settle for less. You will sacrifice love altogether rather than have a relationship that isn’t right. You will experience chest pains, shortness of breath, or respiratory problems.
Lucky number: 3
Lucky color: Grey