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  • Healthy food Fest-- Food has to be a way of life, something that has to be taken responsibly. Adopting a right food regime means we are preventing diseases of all kinds.’ 
Displaying FOOD 01.jpgNew Delhi: Santhigiri Ashram has organized a work shop on healthy eating and ethnic preparations of raw food at New Delhi.

Dr Gangadharan DNYS (doctor of naturopathy and yogic sciences) from Santhigiri Ashram,  Kerala said, ``We are a society mostly believe in cure and treatment . Healthy eating is key  to good health and especially when most of us are under some kind of life style diseases like  diabetes, high blood sugar, cholesterol, stress, ulcers, heart, kidney or liver ailments or  even cancer.’’

Dr Gangadharan does not need a kitchen to dole out a health feast that comprises of 12  different items that are made of select vegetables, fruits and desiccated rice. The order in  which we consume different types of foods---solids, salads, fruits, etc---is also critical for  proper digestion (to avoid the formation of acids and gases) and to maintain good health.  Salads digest much faster than solids.

Even under home-cooking scenario, we are unable to chart out different menu and recipes that fit various health conditions. For instance, someone who suffers from high blood sugar can only take limited rice with Sambar, because Daal, tamarind and Asafoetida, etc will have an adverse effect on a sugar patient. However, rice can be consumed with avIyal (mixed vegetable semi-dry). Diabetics should avoid consumption of tea and coffee and can switch  to ``jaappy’’ (coriander, fenugreek, dry ginger, Jeera and Jaggery with coconut milk) can  help. Diabetics can also drink juices of tomato, cucumber, cabbage and curry leaves.

Juices of carrot, leafy vegetables, potato (with skin) cucumber, apple, guava are good for someone who suffers from severe constipation. Also, one can keep acidity at bay by drinking juices of carrot, cabbage and potato, water melon and snake gourd.

``This style of healthy preparation does not require a kitchen or fuel. Also kitchen so far has been the monopoly of women and now men can also try their hands in preparing health food,’’ he says.

The workshop was organized at the residence of Shri D R Kaarthikeyan, Former Director CBI and while addressing the audience Mr Kaarthikeyan praised Santhigiri Ashram for its efforts to propagate the traditional knowledge systems like Ayurveda and Siddha. Swami Padmaprakasha Jnana Thapaswi , the In charge of Santhigiri Ashram’s New Delhi Branch ,has welcomed the audience and while addressing them Swami has mentioned the importance of diet in maintaining a healthy life style.

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