Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Graduating students turned designers showcased "COLORS OF PATRIOTISM" at SATYAM FASHION INSTITUTE, Noida

Displaying L-R, Rajdeep Ranawat, Niket Mishra, Geetanjali Ranawat, Aamir Zakir, Varija Bajaj, Manjulika Gautam, D.P Singh & Neetu Malhotra @ Satyam Fashion Institute, Noida.jpgStudents turned Designers set the ramp dazzling in bold strokes of colors at the VISTA'14, a fashion show (JURY ROUND) by Graduating Batch 2014 turning budding designers at SATYAM FASHION INSTITUTE on Tuesday, 15th April 2014. The one-of-a kind sassy graduating degree fashion show organized to showcase the true spirit of PATRIOTISM. The fashion extravaganza had a lively theme based on “MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE” & "INDIAN HEROES" which was seen with a promise of being fashionable and yet grounded to the Indian culture. The fashion show will see renowned names from the fashion industry such as Niket & Jainee Mishra, Rajdeep Ranawat, Geetanjali Ranawat, Aamir Zakir, Sonia Jetley & Varija Bajaj to name a few. Models sashayed the exquisite creations by students turning designers to bring out the eclectic mix glamour and fashion.

There was more to enthrall the audience as the pragmatic theme had exclusive sub-themes like the exalting female figure and her curve. The inspiration was also taken from the punk culture (Glam punk), translated most accurately for today’s woman, in shades of black, red, orange, and warm color palette.  The ramp gleamed with swarovski, studs and other metals and tiny bits of magic have adorned ensembles through the ages and the collection was a tribute to the "Razzle-Dazzle”.

The glitterati of the event also saw an interesting segment called "Mahakumbh" a symbol of India's memorable past which has been flowing into the present and continues to flow. The collection was inspired by unpretentiously drapes of the "Fakirs" which lie in the nuances of asymmetrical designs & patterns. The assortment was an eccentric mix of thousand shades of saffron and to spice it up were accessories and headgear made of Rudraksha with a hint of feathers.

On the occasion Ms. Manjulika Gautam, Director General, SFI said, “This gala event of SFI had the vivid colors and vast imagination of the promising designers. With the modern and cultural revolutions of fashion concept have under gone a tremendous change; fashion now is a perfect design, a technology, a science to be studied and to be communicated. Our fashion shows and events encourage our women students to realize their true worth and potential by engaging them in various themes. SFI nurture and nourish them to be self confident, self dependent and self conscious to make a dint in the global revolution of their own strength and carve a niche for them.”

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